Loki's Reverie brings shirt designs for many celebrations, from different faiths/paths.

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  • Christmukkah
    A design for interfaith families mingling Christmas with Hannukah. Merry Christmukkah! ..
  • Crafty
    Say it with a smile, practitioners of the Craft. ..
  • Elements Pentagram Autumn
    Autumn themed pentagram with elemental associations. ..
  • Hallow's Eve
    Hallow's Eve design; dark cemetery scene with pumpkins and pentagram. ..
  • Halloween Cat
    The season of Hallow's Eve approaches, this black cat awaits with a crystal ball. ..
  • Hallows Eve
    Hallow's Eve scene. Get in the mood for Halloween. ..
  • Hanukkah Menorah
    Design for Hanukkah with menorah and Star of David. Happy Hanukkah! ..
  • Kiss Me I'm Irish (for today)
    Always read the fine print :)  On St. Pat's, everyone is Irish ;) ..
  • Mabon
    Mabon, the observance of the Autumn Eqinox. Equinoxes are about balance: Equal night and day, equal power of the God and Goddess, balance of malevolence and benevolence. It is a celebration of harvest, acknowledgement of the fruits of planting labors. Part of the Observances line from Loki's Reve..
  • Mabon Rose Pentagram
      Rose pentagram for Mabon celebration. Mabon is a time of balance in nature, roses and ferns are common altar decorations for this sabbat.   Part of the Observances line from Loki's Reverie. High resolution T-shirt art, bringing you the finest quality, large scale, full-colo..
  • St. Patrick's Celtic Shamrock Cross
    Design for St. Patrick's observance.  Celtic cross and shamrock design. Originally, the color associated with St. Patrick was blue.  Green became popular over time.  ..
  • Thankful
    Design for Autumn Harvest or Thanksgiving. What are you thankful for this season? ..