Loki's reverie 'herbal' line spotlights different herbs and spices used in culinary, magical and medicinal realms.

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  • About Thyme
    Part of the Herbal line from Loki's Reverie, spotlighting thyme. Thyme possesses many health benefits as well as culinary enhancing properties. Very aromatic, this herb has a long history of culinary and medicinal uses. The main oil, thymol, is a powerful antioxidant and antimicrobial. ..
  • Exorcise
    Exorcism in Wicca/Witchcraft is a general term for cleansing negativity and destructive forces of all kinds. Exorcism is not solely a Christian concept. In the Craft, it is a ritual; in the Church, it is a Rite. There are many oils and herbs used in exorcisms; Horehound, Deadnettle, Rue and Yarrow a..
  • Mabon
    Mabon, the observance of the Autumn Eqinox. Equinoxes are about balance: Equal night and day, equal power of the God and Goddess, balance of malevolence and benevolence. It is a celebration of harvest, acknowledgement of the fruits of planting labors. Part of the Observances line from Loki's Reve..
  • Rose Pentagram
      Roses are traditionally associated with love and love magic.  Other uses include planting to attract fairies, strewing around the home to instill calm, and use in healing and protection spells. Part of the Herbal line from Loki's Reverie. High resolution T-shirt art, bringing you the ..