Paganism is, in general, an earth-based faith; or rather a nature-based theology.  Finding miracles in the natural world as it surrounds us on a daily basis, witches, wiccans, druids, and pagans revel in all things natural as gifts from the divine.  Herbalism, nature spirits, natural creatures and more encompass facets of the veil between the natural and the divine.  Here you will find Loki's Reverie designs based upon nature, natural things, and nature=based entities.

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  • Dryad
    In Greek mythology, the dryad was a lesser deity who lived in forests. They were the guardians of the trees, punishing those who cut them down. Some Dryads, intimately connected to their trees' life force, died when the tree died. Dryads rarely strayed far from their tree, and could enter it at will..
  • Elemental Pentagram
    Pentagram with elemental associations; Air:Intellect, Water: Love, Earth: Grounding, Fire: Will, Spirit: Unification. ..
  • Elements Pentagram Autumn
    Autumn themed pentagram with elemental associations. ..
  • Elements Pentagram Spring
    Spring themed pentagram with elemental associations. ..
  • Elements Pentagram Summer
    Summer themed pentagram with elemental associations. ..
  • Elements Pentagram Winter
    Winter themed pentagram with elemental associations. ..
  • Exorcise
    Exorcism in Wicca/Witchcraft is a general term for cleansing negativity and destructive forces of all kinds. Exorcism is not solely a Christian concept. In the Craft, it is a ritual; in the Church, it is a Rite. There are many oils and herbs used in exorcisms; Horehound, Deadnettle, Rue and Yarrow a..
  • Know Thyself
    Spirit/Totem animal wolf: the pathfinder.  Wolves are seen as guides to inner journey, self-discovery and intuition.  Wolf can help discern the direction needed in life's journey.  What's your path? ..
  • Lead Don't Follow
    Mountain lion design, representing leadership and undaunted attitude. Forge your own path. ..
  • Mabon
    Mabon, the observance of the Autumn Eqinox. Equinoxes are about balance: Equal night and day, equal power of the God and Goddess, balance of malevolence and benevolence. It is a celebration of harvest, acknowledgement of the fruits of planting labors. Part of the Observances line from Loki's Reve..
  • Mabon Rose Pentagram
      Rose pentagram for Mabon celebration. Mabon is a time of balance in nature, roses and ferns are common altar decorations for this sabbat.   Part of the Observances line from Loki's Reverie. High resolution T-shirt art, bringing you the finest quality, large scale, full-colo..
  • Rose Pentagram
      Roses are traditionally associated with love and love magic.  Other uses include planting to attract fairies, strewing around the home to instill calm, and use in healing and protection spells. Part of the Herbal line from Loki's Reverie. High resolution T-shirt art, bringing you the ..