Born Again Pagan

Born Again Pagan

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Born Again Pagan

This vibrant design is another Loki's Reverie original. In vibrant colors, with crisp accenting and a deep-toned color scheme, this Born Again Pagan shirt takes the traditional Christian saying and gives it a pagan twist. A design perfect for pagans, druids, neo-pagans, followers of The Craft, Wiccans, and pagans of all spiritual paths, this is a perfect design for both men and women. The slogan is done in deep purplish tones with a glowing 3D inner effect and bordered in black to offset the text on light colored shirts. A Triquetra with a wispy, magickal glow fills the background giving this design a good balance and lots of character. Perfect for coven wear or for an everyday vestment, this design shows off your Pagan Pride.

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