Shopping at Loki's Reverie

At Loki's Reverie we know that shopping for clothing to suit your unique style can be a daunting experience.  We know that the brand, materials, cut, color, size, and style mean as much as the stylish and unique design.  With literally hundreds of options including 90 different types of garments, over 200 color and color combination choices, and more than 40 sizes ranging from Newborn to Adult 5XL, we've taken all the hard work out of shopping and simplified it for you into a smooth and magickal shopping experience.

We have two easy ways to get the design you want on the garment that suits your tastes and style:

Method One:  Loki's Smart Shopper


  1. Browse our online catalog of unique and stylish designs to find the ones that you want
  2. Pick your options from our selected Flavors (Garment Type, Make and Model, Color, Size, Design Location)
  3. Add to your Shopping Cart
  4. Pay securely through Paypal® When done

Method Two: Browse ALL the Flavors

Like the design but there isn't the right garment for you in the selected flavors? 

  1. Go to the All Flavors area to browse our full line of garments and choose the right one for you
  2. Type in the design name that you want printed on your garment
  3. Select your flavors for that particular garment (size, color, design location, etc)
  4. Add to your Shopping Cart
  5. Pay securely through Paypal® when done



Prices start at a low as $16.95 for a WHITE T-shirt. While we at Loki's reverie have done everything we can to cut costs and pass the savings to you,  some shirts cost more. 

Colored shirts both cost more from the manufacturer and require a background printing layer before the design can be embedded.  Due to this colored shirts cost $2.00 than the white T-shirt.

Adult sizes 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, and 5XL are an additional $2.00 due to the higher costs of the shirt.


******Please Note:  Not all sizes and color combinations are available for every product.  This depends upon the brand and model of the garment.  Loki's Smart Shopping System will give you all available options for your selection.