Order Processing and Delivery

Order Processing Time:

At Loki's Reverie we don't like to wait and don't want you to, either.  However as much as we've tried, we simply have not perfected the proper incantations to make your unique custom-made-to-order garment instantly appear.  Until we've perfected that spell, orders generally have a 3-5 business day processing time.

All United States orders are sent Priority Mail for fast delivery; so most U.S. residents can expect their products to arrive within 10 business days of ordering.

Canadian Orders are shipped through First Class Postal Service and generally will arrive within 14-21 days depending upon your locale and customs.

International orders can take longer and will vary greatly depending upon your Country.

All orders are custom processed and then printed after the order has been paid for to ensure that you receive a properly made fresh garment suitable to adorn your mortal coil.