Loki's Reverie: Origins

Loki's Reverie was created to join pagan, fantasy, and theology into a menagerie of stylish and unique T-Shirt and clothing design easily accessible by all.  Sites exist all over the web catering to only one aspect of spirituality or another, but few offer the more obscure and diverse designs.  This site is a sanctuary for all:  those whose feet are firmly set on their path, those who have not yet discovered their path, and for those that blend various theologies and philosophies into a personal world view.  At Loki's Reverie you'll find designs that match your outlook be it traditional or unorthodox.


Walking the Path of Tradition...or Not:  ~~Tristynn

Spiritual journeys are uniquely personal.  Some paths are clear, some are complex and hidden.  No one is privy to anothers' specific journey.  My own path is still unfolding.  Beginning with Protestant Christianity, I followed that path for a long time before opening my heart and mind to other ideas.  I delved into comparative religions, but not with the focus of a pure academic...I was seeking personal conviction.  Along the way I talked with people from different beleif systems, and I read anything I can get my hands on about theologies, mythologies, and the like.  I looked into the melding of beliefs that may seem at the surface as being incompatible.  I found opinions from both sides:  those that saw the potential in the melding of ideas, and those who drew stark lines between them.

With Loki's Reverie, my husband, Dirk, and I wanted to represent these non-traditional ideas, alongside the traditional.  Our wish is for others who have looked for designs that spoke to them and were disappointed to find something here to lift their spirits and even to be inspired.



My Circle Has Turned Thrice:   ~~Dirk

I was first exposed to Paganism at a very young age, less than ten years old.  While 'Gypsy Witch' and other such things were tossed about in a teasing good humor directed towards certain close relatives, I began to realize that there was another level of spirituality hidden just out of sight of the conventional and the churches.  I learned through them and myself to appreciate the miracles of nature, the magick of mother earth, and to accept truth and peace from any source; regardless.  Influenced by Eastern philosophies in my teens and early 20's, I began to understand that there is a certain 'Universal Wholeness of Truth' for lack of a better wording.   While having my own deeply personal understanding of God, or Goddess if you will, I have always found myself more at peace amongst the pagans, neo-pagans, and Wiccans than anywhere else.  While my outlook may seem iconoclastic to some, I absorb spiritual truths and elightenment where I can find it and see miracles in everything, everywhere each and every second of the day.

For me, Loki's Reverie is more of a homecoming than anything else.  This is the third time that I have successfully delved into the custom T-shirt and garment design business and the third time I have interwoven the pagan, wiccan, and spiritual into wearable works of art and expression.  Each time has been a better, more creative, and more touching experience.  With Loki's Reverie the timing seemed perfect to dedicate the entire product line to the pagan, neo pagan, and spiritual...as well as to throw in some wit and humor while we're at it.

I hope that in Loki's Reverie you will find some designs that speak to you, amuse you, and perhaps inspire you.

Have a great shopping experience.